Country Insurance - Counrty Insurance blackmailing consumers

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We submitted an application for insurance with an agent who told us to cancel out current policy.after our meeting, we never heard back from him, he never replied to voice messages or emails.

turns out he left the company and never told us or gave us a new contact person. are banks then started calling and saying we had no insurance. we had no choice but to go back to our previous ins co.

now counrty is threatening us with collections saying that we owe them $400 for insurance we never received.

run away from these guys!!!!!!!!bad company!

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Country Insurance denies legitimate house claim!

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The house was being renovated, and a vandal broke the window, causing our pipes to freeze. Then it thawed and they burst and it froze again. The bathroom above is in the kitchen below. They have denied the claim, saying it was vacant! Our policy says that it isn't vacant if it's being renovated. The tools are frozen in the ice. The supplies are frozen in the ice, and they are saying it wasn't actually under renovation!

Our agent saw the damage and confirmed that it was a legitimate claim, but the adjustor denied it.

They promise the moon until you really need them.

BUYER BEWARE! You can do better.

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Out latest commercial shows how we train our agents to sell you the proper policy.I am talking about the advertisement where the jet ski is burning in a tree.

We aren't going to actually pay this claim. The jet ski operator modified his personal watercraft by waxing the surface of the jet ski. This does change the risk to Farmers and therefore we will not pay anything. We are not in the business of tranferring risk to our company.

The consumer must accept all risk so that we Farmers can profit.This is the real lesson we teachevery agent and adjustor.

Broadview Heights, Ohio, United States #6863

We are not in the business of paying out claims because you have an emergency.Insurance companies collect billions, perhaps trillions of dollars from people like you.

We have huge overhead. Our state of the art metropolis buildings & TV commercials for every sporting event cost huge amounts of money. Where do you think we get that money? Insurance is really meant as sort of a Tax to you.

We lobby congress hard. We enact legislation that makes it a law to carry our policies. We want more. If you think we are going to pay out, you are living in la la land.

Profit, pure 100% profit, our overhead, & high wages for our extortioners is what we do. Dont file claims. Pay us, be quiet & suffer your own repairs. The commercials grab new customers every year.

At 16, when the license comes, we try to extort for life. That extends to the health insurance & homeowners policies. We are spending billions to monitor your behavior & deny claims further. More commercials, more legislation is what we invest in.

Remember when driving insurance wasnt a LAW, was only 1989. There are more Insurance laws to come. dont blame your Agent, he/she is the charming face of sales. Its the adjusters who get our consideration.

Take care of your health, drive defensively, & maintain your property. We are not paying you - You pay us, remember that.

We are seeking the top spot for hated professions.Lawyers get all the attention for being sharks, we want...

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